Conveyance FAQs

Reduce redundant platforms through our vendor-agnostic software, Conveyance. Use one simple platform to review and repair your check imaging data for ATMs, ITMs, and coming soon, mobile. See our Faqs:

What is the difference between cloud and hosted?

Hosted is an accessible server spun up for only your organization. It is typically more expensive than a cloud environment and more timely to set up. Cloud is an accessible server previously existing reducing cost. Cloud-based systems reduce in-house management without compromising quality.

What are the system requirements?

Nothing! Cook Solutions Group takes care of all the hardware requirements.

What check processing companies is it compatible with?

Conveyance is compatible with all major check processing companies. Part of the personalized setup includes full compatibility with your ecosystem.

Where does Conveyance fit in my ecosystem?‍

Conveyance captures check images and the associated data on the terminal and transmits those images and associated data to your item processor of choice, or to your review process.

Can Conveyance help prevent image and data loss?

We keep all your images in a simple framework so finding and sorting your check images is a breeze.

Does Conveyance help protect against check fraud?

Are you running multiple check imaging systems? Does your bank or credit union have a different check imaging platform for each deposit channel? Aggregate data to prevent fraud. Integrate into other applications.

How can Conveyance help consolidate your processing channels?

Is your financial institution using too many different channels? Are you running multiple check imaging systems? Does your bank or credit union have a different check imaging platform for each deposit channel?

This can be frustrating for your staff and can cause images and important data to be lost. Consolidating different channels into one simple platform saves time, money, and headaches.

Can conveyance dramatically reduce check imaging fees? 

By using one simple platform for all of your channels, Conveyance can help reduce your overall fees, and headaches.

Can the check imaging process, from capture, to review and repair, to the FED, be completed with one platform?

Yes! Conveyance is your trusted platform, taking you from check image capture, to review and repair, then off to the FED.

What is serverless check imaging?

Severless check imaging refers to a software, like Conveyance, that is capable of capturing, storing, and transmitting check data without the use of servers.

Why is serverless check imaging superior to older technology?

Severless technology leaves behind outdated server-bound technology.

What is the difference between cloud and serverless?

In everyday language, "cloud" has become a broad word used to describe data that is backed up online. In truth, cloud used to mean exclusively serverless data storage. Many products that are being advertised as “cloud” are not truly serverless. Ensure that products you invest in that are labeled “cloud” are truly serverless.